Strong Strut is in a transition period to new ownership. For inquiries, please contact [email protected]

We're committed to making sure Strong Strut products continue to be availble for BMW enthusiasts, and to delivering the same high quality products that made Strong Strut a trusted name in the BMW community. It will take some time to transition engineering and manufacturing, but we expect to start taking orders again in Q4 2020.

We currently do not have any parts in stock except for Z4 rear body braces for non-M cars.

We expect to start producing all models of Strong Strut in the very near future, with Z3 and Z4 (E85 and E89) components being the primary focus. We also plan to continue the E31 8-Series, E36 S-Series, E46 3-Series, E38 7-Series and E39 5-Series parts as well. We have had several requests for E34 5-Series strut braces, however the engineering drawings and technical specifications for the E34 have been lost over time. If anyone is willing to lend us their E34 Strong Strut so that we can take measurements and produce them again, please contact us.

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