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Company authentication and verification

We fully understand that in today's internet world, buyers must be cautious about making purchases on line. With that in mind, we direct you to some information sources that will lend credibility to our little Cottage Industry and we invite your investigation.

You can type my name, Paul Ebeyer, into the Google search window and verify the information there corresponds to the contact information on our web site.

You can go to just about any BMW forum and inquire about the Strong-Strut Company, we have been in business since 1998 and we are well known and respected by the BMW community. 

The "Testimonial" page on our web site lists the email address of the customers who sent in their testimonial and product evaluation. Some of these will of course be outdated but many are still current. You can email them and inquire about the legitimacy of our operation.

This is also good reading if you are considering the purchase of a strut brace "strut brace facts"


And this, from one of our BMW e31 customers

These days, honest and dedicated customer service from business owners given to their customers are harder to come by. 
However, I had just experienced the opposite of the business norms.

I wanted to post a shout out to one of our supporting vendors: Strong Strut
The reason for giving them BIG KUDOS is this. 

Like many enthusiasts on this forum, I have the Strong Strut front brace installed in my car as well as the special jacking tool.

Well, stupid me, I over torqued the bolts on the Strong Strut mount a few times and ended up stripping one of the thread holes on the driver's side.

I contacted Paul (owner of Strong Strut) last year to see if I could get it repaired. He said to ship it to him and he'll re-thread it with no charge for the service.
I got busy and months went by. I never got around to shipping the part to him for repair. Finally, just last week, I sent him another e-mail and he immediately responded with again, "ship it back to us and we'll repair it for you".

So, I shipped the strut mount to him. As soon as he received it, he sent me an email asking if I wanted to have the mount recondition
ed as well because it looks neglected.

Fast forward a few days later, I now have the part in my hand with not just 1, but both thread holes on the mount re-threaded and the entire thing resprayed. He also threw in 2 brand new bolts (special hex head bolts) and paid for the return shipping as well. All of this Free of Charge!!!

All I can say is that I am utterly impressed with the dedicated customer service I received from Paul, the owner at Strong Strut. He didn't have to provide the service for free and yet, he threw in extra service, parts, and free shipping. He was in constant communication with me the entire time with updates and tracking number when the part was shipped back.

I am still very happy with the increased chassis rigidity provided by the Strong Strut mounted under the hood, and the jacking tool that I often use when I need to jack up the car.

Hi Paul, if you're reading this, Thank You sir for the exceptional customer service you have given me and you HAVE won my loyalty!!!