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THANK YOU FOR VISITING the Strong-Strut web page

The Strong-Strut Team appreciates your visit to our web sight and a look at the Strong-Strut products. Our goal is to manufacture the very best product available for the specified application at an affordable price. Although there are other brands of front strut braces available, the Strong-Strut Team pioneered the idea of the rear strut brace and the Body-Brace for the Z3 models and the rear brace for all the  Z4 models. These remain our exclusive designs and products.

Please devote a few minutes reading "Strut brace facts" before you spend your money on a product that may not suit you in the long run, those type products
are never a true bargain.

If you have a vehicle model not presently included in our product line, please email us with the particulars and what type of product you would like to see available. This is the way the rear Strong-Strut became a reality and also the front Strong-Strut for the E38 Seven series BMW's. All we need is an indication of sufficient interest and we will take a serious look at developing a new product.

Whatever your comments may be, we enjoy hearing from you and very often, customer ideas are incorporated into our products.

Our front Strong-Struts are  assembled by hand from the CNC machined parts. The assembly is one at a time, and welded on a fixture that exactly replicates the applicable vehicle chassis. Our welding technician is an FAA certified welding engineer, qualified to do welding repairs on commercial airliners, his work is like a piece of art. The Strong-Strut Team takes great pride in assembling each unit as though it was going on the "boss's" car or their own car. The rear Strong-Struts and Body-Brace's also receive their fair share of tender loving care during the manufacturing process.

We stand behind our products with a satisfaction and performance guarantee that is unique in the industry. We have the utmost confidence in our products.

We are deeply grateful to all our loyal customers and the BMW community at large. We began our business in 1997 and we continue as a specialty
"mom & pop" business shipping worldwide.

Paul & the Strong-Strut Team