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Satisfaction policy & Guarantee, Strong-Strut

RETURN POLICY- 100% satisfaction guarantee. No hassles. Immediate full refund including shipping costs.  *

During the first seven days following delivery, merchandise can be returned but merchandise must be returned in  undamaged condition. There is a 2 year  warranty on powder coated  and chrome plated finishes.

* This guarantee applies to all unmodified BMW vehicles that we supply a Strong-Strut for. If your vehicle has after market accessories and you fail to notify us in advance, this guarantee may not apply, at our discretion. In any case, shipping charges will NOT be refunded under these circumstances.

PERFORMANCE POLICY- You may install the Strong-Strut to evaluate the performance. If not satisfied, the full refund above will apply subject to the stipulations regarding "return condition." 

WARRANTY- 100% warranty as long as the Strong-Strut, rear Strong-Strut or Body-Brace is installed on your vehicle. We will repair or replace the merchandise at our option and absorb all shipping charges. The Strong-Strut bracing products are warranted against breakage, (not covered in collisions) deformation of any kind. The powder coat is warranted for 2 years as is the chrome finish, predicated upon the date of delivery. Re-plating or powder coating, if necessary, is available at the current shop price, no profit added.

Our warranty policy may extend to second owners of Strong-Strut  products at our discretion.

POLICY NOTICE- Periodic updates, improvements or design changes of the products may be implemented. This does not give owners of previous models the right to a cost free replacement or upgrade, and there is no formal "trade in program" available for owners of previously produced Strong-Strut products.

SPARE PARTS- We maintain an inventory of replacement hardware for all models.