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We respectfully encourage you to purchase from American suppliers. All Strong-Strut products are proudly manufactured in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona by proud craftsmen working hard every day to provide for their families. We subcontract with two different machine shops, a welding and bending shop and finishing shops for powder coat and chrome plating.

All the Strong-Strut subcontractors are "mom and pop" shops who take great pride in their work, the good old American way of producing products and conducting business. Many other strut braces are made in China or elsewhere outside the United States.

We have a unique product in that we  pay respectable wages to American workers, provide a high quality product and still manage a reasonable profit in order to continue to supply our products to new customers.

Many strut braces offered by our competitors are made in foreign countries, not just the ones pictured below.


Thank you,

Paul Ebeyer & the Strong-Strut Team

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                                                              please don't send your money to foreign manufacturers