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 Strong-Strut (bracing) product benefits.

        Front Strong-Strut

        rear Strong-Strut (rear Strong-Strut)
        The rear Strong-Strut provides significant bracing and reinforcement to the rear section of the Z3 and E-30 models. It bolts to the
        chassis by utilizing the rear subframe mounting brackets. This not only reinforces the chassis itself but also helps maintain
        proper toe angles of the rear wheels. The rear end "wiggling" is caused by changing toe angles when cornering or driving
        over uneven surfaces. Strong-Strut is the originator of the design and the only manufacturer.  Most owners report a
        significant improvement after installing both front and rear Strong-Struts as they seem to compliment each other.

       Strong-Strut Body-Brace      
       The Body-Brace is another Strong-Strut exclusive product. It is available only for the Z3 models  and fits all variations.
       The two substantial steel "runners" that make up the Body-Brace,
       run the full length of the underside of the passenger compartment adding considerable longitudinal reinforcement. The
       benefits are quite noticeable in every day driving circumstances but even more so when encountering dips in the road
        railroad crossings, and other uneven surfaces. The Body-Brace bolts to the rear Strong-Strut which is required for installation, and
        in so doing, ties together the entire mid & rear section of the car into one solid structure.