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Strong-Strut frequently asked questions.

Do your front Strong-Struts fit cars with traction control? Our Strong-Struts fit cars with traction control and does not require any modification to do so.

Are the front Strong-Struts adjustable in order to compensate for manufacturing differences in vehicles? Yes, the four holes in the cross bar are slightly slotted and this allows sufficient adjustment to accommodate installation to all vehicles. We have never had one fail to fit properly.

Can you ship both front and rear Strong-Struts in one box in order to save shipping charges? Yes  ~~~ Shipping fees are based upon  distance, weight, parcel size and time in transit and we normally combine products into one carton.

Do you ship to foreign countries? Yes. We have shipped to Germany, England, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Philippians, Norway, Hong Kong, Portugal, The Netherlands and other countries.  We also ship to all APO addresses. We can and do, ship anywhere. Email us with your address for a quote on shipping fees.

Do you have a front Strong-Strut for the 315 & 330 HP S54 engines? Yes, it fits both the Roadster and Coupe models with the 315 HP engine S54 engines as installed in the Z3 based ///M Roadsters and Coups and also the Z4 based ///M versions. We are the only strut brace manufacturer with a strut brace for the S54 engine cars.

Can I get custom lettering, like "BMW" or "Z3" engraved on the cross strut? No, custom lettering requires that a software program be written to guide the CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine for this specific purpose. This is very expensive for a one time application. In addition, most of the requests we receive for "custom" engraving would be a Trademark infringement against BMW NA.

Do you have a Strong-Strut that fits right hand drive model Z3's? Yes, our  Strong-Struts fit perfectly in right hand drive models without modification of any kind.

Is it necessary to torque the tower nuts to a special setting? BMW says torque the shock tower nuts to 18 ft pounds but if you snug them down and then give 1/4 turn, it works just as well.

Say a few words about installation. It's quite simple. Requires a 1/2 inch socket and 3/8 hex (Allen) wrench. Takes about 20 minutes. Complete easy to follow directions are included. Read the testimonials about installation. Two blocks of modeling clay are shipped with the strut to measure hood clearance. Paul is available live by phone (by appointment) and will walk you through the install if you wish.

Will Strong-Strut ding my hood? No, not if you take measurements with the materials provided and follow instructions. Just to be extra safe, the tower plates have been modified twice to provide additional hood clearance. The Z3 is the only model that may have clearance concerns but we fully address that in our installation instructions.

What is your warranty/guarantee? Strong-Strut's are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No hassles, no delays. During the first seven days following delivery, we will promptly refund your full payment and pay the return shipping charge as well. Nobody has returned one so far. We refuse to have even ONE unhappy customer. It is guaranteed against structural failure as long as it's on your car. We repair or replace at our option at no cost to you. There is no warranty on powder coated finishes but they have lasted many years without issues. Just avoid getting harsh engine cleaning solvents on them.

What about the position of the grounding stud? The randomly placed grounding lug installed by BMW is not an issue. We have engineered the tower plate to accommodate all grounding lug placements. It is possible that a particular chassis has the grounding lug far removed from the normal manufacturing envelope and in those cases the only solution is to remove it and keep it in the glove box for installation in time of need.

Explain your shipping charges. We ship UPS ground service but can expedite shipping for additional cost. On occasion, we ship U.S. Postal Service two day Priority Mail but it costs more than UPS ground service. All shipping of this type is calculated by four parameters: 1) weight. 2) distance, 3) time, 4) size of carton. Our shipping fees cover the costs of average packaging and shipping.  We purchase a substantial carton, use two layers of bubble wrap, a lot of tape, and filler material.

What is the purpose of the holes in the drilled cross strut? The holes are strictly decorative, there is a small  weight savings advantage.

Is it possible to order a Strong-Strut in official BMW factory colors? No. The base material for powder coating is a powder as the name implies. It is not sprayed on like a liquid paint. There are no base powder pigments that match BMW colors. Powder coating involves an applicator gun with 80,000 volts in the spray head. (actually, it's "fogged" on, not sprayed) the color is electrically bonded to the metal and then baked at 400 degrees for an hour. It is a very thick and durable finish.

I installed a Dinan upper strut in my 99 2.3 last year and was satisfied with the performance and the very good looks. You seem to claim yours is the best on the market. Just what is it that makes Strong-Strut© better than Dinan (other than the looks, which is a personal thing)?
Tim, If you set a Strong-Strut side by side with the brand you mentioned, or any other brand, you would immediately see the vast difference. Since you haven't done that. we'll answer your question. The Strong-Strut is made of better materials, cold rolled steel for strength which is all important in this application. The brand you mention is all aluminum and even the thickness of the metal is thinner than the Strong-Strut. They purchase commercially made, inexpensive heim joints to fasten to the tower plates. We machine our own "Pivotless" hardware. The design of our attachment system is much more pleasing to the eye. Their product requires more surface area to bond the weld and make it sufficiently strong. That's why the "legs" go zig zag on the tower plates and the welding bead is quite thick and unattractive. And finally, we designed the Strong-Strut to be better than any other product, it was not part of our mission  it IS the mission. The other company has a full line of very expensive after market items and may feel satisfied the way their strut is. On the other hand, this is the only product we make and it gets our full attention. We're committed to keeping it in first place. The product you mention is offered only one way. They anodize the tower plates and polish the aluminum cross bar, which, by the way, is not a very durable surface. The Strong-Strut is available in several standard finishes, custom finishes, and a choice of cross strut design. If that isn't enough difference, let's talk about price. We sell our base model, Strong-Strut, the Cosmos, all black powder coat  for $385.00,  less than the other brand. The result is that you receive a superior product at a lower price. What more could you ask for? Thank you for asking and I hope we have answered your question. Please refer to the customer testimonials on the web page.

How do you address the problem of lateral movement of the tower plates? Some vendors sell tapered nuts that prevent this movement? Actually, we have addressed this issue in a very subtle, sensible, and economical manner. The competitors conical nuts you mentioned cost $14.00 each adding $84.00 to the cost of the installed strut (six of them) I posed this issue to the design team and they came up with a clever solution to drill the three holes in the ring slightly off center with respect to one another. This causes at least two of the studs on each ring, to be forced against the inside wall of their respective hole and also places the shoulder on the nut to again be forced against the wall (tight fitting) in the counter bore. This system, in conjunction with the extra deep, machined, undercutting of the plates that engage the ribs in the tower dome, and the torque on the nuts, prevents any sideways movement or slipping of the plates. It is in fact so subtle and effective, it goes totally unobserved by the average owner/installer at the time of installation. Our solution is so clever and efficient, we hesitate to publish it in fear of being copied. It is these small refinements that combine to make the Strong-Strut a more effective unit and better value than the competition.

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