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Dear Paul,
I've installed the Z4 front Strong-Strut set with firewall braces too and I'm glad I got the full set. I apologize for being skeptic at first when I questioned why you are charging more than your competitors. But I now I agree your product is the real deal. My Z4 roadster can turn tighter, has a better ride and steering feel. Your heavy duty rear Z4 braces are amazing in quality & performance, handling much improved. All in all, I recommend both these accessories for all Z4 owners.

Hands down it handles better than my Infiniti G37 and that was a coupe. Thank you for being adamant and changing my opinion of paying a bit more for quality. I would love to do business with you again should you have any more products for my other cars.

Best regards,

Josh, South Africa

Hi Paul

I have installed the Strong-Strut, it made a much greater difference on the coupe than was expected! 10 years use had created some front end flex which is now gone. It is more precise and all together more predictable, which makes me feel a lot more confident turning in hard! I am doing an autocross event on 1 July and cannot wait to exploit the added performance fully! I am incredibly happy with the purchase and your product is amazing quality. Easy fit and its looks are pure class. I have attached a picture of the final installation.

My local BMW independent service center has asked me for your details as they have many customers after a quality bar, but options are limited at best. Your service and quality make this a literal no brainer for any enthusiast driver, thanks to you and the team once again!

Best regards,


JKenneth.............Paso Robles, California. 2006 Z4 M Coupe

Hello Strong-Strut Team, I just wanted to let you know I received and installed the rear Strong-Strut braces on my 06 M Coupe and I am really impressed with the improvement. I track and autocross my Coupe quite a bit in addition to it being my daily driver so I am probably a bit more informed on the benefits of handling accessories than is the average driver. Even on my Coupe, there is a perceived benefit, I drove a friends 2007 M Roadster before and after he installed your rear braces and I wasn't expecting a big difference on my Coupe but the improvement is substantial. You hit the nail on the head with this one. In a few months I will be ordering the entire front Strong-Strut setup with the firewall braces.



Howard..............Savanna, Georgia 2005 Z4 3.0

Dear Paul,

Thank you for answering all my email and telephone questions regarding the Strong-Struts for my 2005 Z4. 3.0 . Since I purchased the car new, I have always made it a habit to thoroughly research any contemplated accessories for the car as I did in this instance. Like many BMW owners, I don't mind paying a little more for high quality, well engineered products, as I have learned the hard way in the past that you usually get what you pay for and many so called, "deals or bargains" seldom prove to be so wonderful in the end. Not that your products are expensive, the alternate front brace I was considering is priced substantially higher than the Strong-Strut and as far as I could research it, you are the only one manufacturing a rear brace for the Z4, which you confirmed on the telephone.
Following the easy installation of the front Strong-Strut, the improvement and benefits were immediately evident and I echo the same comments I have read from your other customer testimonials about faster turn in, quicker steering response and a substantially more solid feel to the front end. Although my Z4 is not a daily driver, I held off on installing the rear braces for a few weeks while I put about 200 miles on the car enjoying the improvements of the front Strong-Strut. I managed to install the rear Strong-Strut braces in about 30 minutes once I had the rear of the car elevated and then I took it out for its first test drive. I had planned on a 15 minute test drive just to get the feel of it but I was enjoying the combined improvements so much I drove for well over an hour. As I told you in  my initial inquiry to you, I am the former owner of a 1999 Z3 M Roadster and I was well aware of how wiggly the chassis was on that car. Unfortunately, at that time, I was unaware of your products and I sold the Z3 and went to the Z4 because I learned that BMW improved the chassis rigidity in the Z4. I am really appreciative that the installation of your Strong-Struts has made such a substantial improvement over what BMW offered on the standard Z4 and quite surprised to learn there was that much room for improvement. In summary, I am one "happy camper" and as I read somewhere in your web site, "these are accessories that the customer will enjoy every moment they are at the wheel." Thank you for making these braces available, I do in fact enjoy them every time I drive the car.


As an owner of a 2008 BMW Z4M Roadster I read a series of articles  on upgrading the performance and handling of my already pretty good handling sports car. Several articles said the most direct and cheapest way of  improving  the handling was through adding a front shock tower brace.

After a fair amount of research of the many different brands of strut braces I decided to purchase both the shock tower and firewall braces from Strong Strut. One reason was the Strong Strut was made by an owner of a Z4M and the second was the solid materials used in fabricating the braces. The installation was easy and quick with no clearance problems and looks great – even my son thinks so and I
should mention the customer service from Paul was second to none, very highly recommended on all the forums.

After installing the front Strong-Strut assembly, I noted the front end was immediately more taut – especially on turn in and delay in braking around my local road “course” - and less “rattle/cowl shaking” going over the many bumps in the roads around my area and down my quarter mile dirt driveway. I then added the rear braces from Strong Strut – and yes the original ones do bend about 2 inches when placed in a vise – after installing the Strong-Strut rear braces the rear seemed to be tighter with less body roll when going around my local road “course”.

I currently compete in Solo autocross – still retaining a stock classification with the front and rear braces – and while I cannot compare racing autocross prior without the braces my lap times have improved as I have started  to push the limits of my car. 

Overall I feel the front and rear Strong Strut braces have added to the rigidity of my Roadster adding, to some degree, to improved turn in and in the already flat handling which seems to be even flatter now with less lean-in/body roll on curves.  These handling improvements seem to parallel the results of the article noted above and appear to be a reasonable return on investment.



Hi Paul,

I can really tell a big improvement over the stock setup on my 2003 Z4 3.0 with the sport "button", and some Dinan "improvements". This is like adding a new life to an 8-yr old car. Having a more rigid car, it is almost like driving with the sport button on ALL the time. Somehow the acceleration feels different and now the car handles bumps better, generally, much more stable and it seems the car sways less on uneven highways and steering response is quicker. Thank you for the truly impressive products, I  know how much sweat is involved from taking a dream to reality. Congratulations, You've earned it.


Andrew: Sweden
Strong-Strut, I installed my Z4 rear braces and I must tell you I notice a measurable improvement in rigidity in the rear end. Actually,
I was surprised the improvement is as noticeable as it is, I was expecting some improvement but this surpasses my expectations.
Thanks for making these available well worth the cost.


Bill: Australia
Hi Gents  ~~~~ I have both the front and rear Strong-Struts on my 06 M Roadster and love the improvement in chassis rigidity,
making more spirited driving possible. I formerly had a 2000 Z3M Roadster but was unaware of your products at that time. I sold the
2000 and purchased the Z4 because the wiggling Z3 chassis was driving me berserk, ha ha!  Although the Z4 is much improved
over the Z3 your added braces make a big difference on top of that. Thanks again from your customer "down under."

Hank: Alabama
Strongstrut guys ~~~~ WOW ! I can hardly believe the improvement your Z4 rear braces have made on my 3.0 Z4. A friend told me
about them because he was so satisfied but I wasn't expecting the noticeable improvement, nice job fellow's, great accessory and money
well invested. I'm keeping this car forever!


Gerhard: Germany
Paul, As I told you before I sometimes take my 07 M Roadster on the "Ring" as I did recently after installing both your front and rear
Strong-Struts. though I got respectful times when the car was stock, the addition of your braces front and rear braces allowed me to
drive faster in the corners and the steering response was obviously improved. I cut several seconds off my overall time, so I am glad
I made the decision to purchase them.