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 SHOP & ORDER, a quick guide - shipping too

use this email address for all correspondence and for placing your order:


All products can be located by starting from the home page. Please scroll down at the home page because the lower portion may not be visible on your screen. The products are model specific, so scroll down the home page and click on the link that matches your vehicle or go to the link "list of all products by vehicle." In some cases, there is only one "bracing product" available for your car but you might be interested in some of our "other products."  Once you find the main link for your vehicle, there are several other linking options as you navigate your way through as much information as you would like to have.


Once you have made your selection, go to the "pricing page" so you can total up your order. Then visit the "how to order"  which will provide instructions on how to make your remittance. Then send us an email with the details of your order and any questions you may have. This is also outlined on the "how to order" page. When we receive your order by email, we will answer any questions you may have and we will email back an invoice and request any additional information we may need to complete your order.


We have several methods of shipping depending upon many factors. Outside the continental US, we ship through the U.S. Postal Service
due to customs requirements and reasonable fees. Those parcels will travel by EMS Global Express or Air Parcel Post. Canadian shipments generally run $35 to $45, depending on distance and weight of the item ordered, the Body-Brace will be substantially more. All shipments in the U.S. may travel by UPS, Fed X, or the U.S. mail system depending upon circumstances. Shipments of the Body-Brace are usually sent "economy" class due to the extra weight and extra cost on express delivery. All items are both distance, time, and weight sensitive with all carriers for purposes of calculating their fees. Some assess additional charges for oversize boxes like the Body-Brace. We are familiar with all these variations and have established the shipping fees for each of our products on the "averaging method."  Our fees do not include our costs for the shipping cartons, packing materials and tape, final product inspection, time for packaging and transporting to the appropriate shipping depot. These items are viewed as overhead and are included in the list price of the product. Rush orders are available for the 48 States. We need your zip code, the item ordered (for specific weight) and how quickly you want to receive it. We call the shipping depot with this information, get a quote, and send it to you by return email so you can decide if the fees are acceptable prior to shipping. Please include a phone number so we can make it available to the shipper. This info can speed delivery and save a lot of headaches.

Shipments to most countries are sent through the U.S. Postal Service, International Express It is the best combination of cost and reasonable delivery times. Most parcels arrive in 6 to 8 days, sometimes sooner. Sometimes, the Customs department at port of entry can cause additional delays in the delivery.

Customers in the United Kingdom and other international orders,. PayPal is available in most international locations and is the only method for remitting outside of the 50 United States.

If you have any questions, we are here to provide prompt answers, simply contact us at  or by phone at
480 513 3222.