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           HOW TO SHOP & ORDER any item

Our ordering system is simple, if you have already selected your product go to the "how to order" page

When placing your order, please state the model of your vehicle along with the year and engine size and include any options you have selected.

If you are in the shopping mode please start at the home page and select the box with the product that interests you. (scroll down the page to see all the selections) There may be multiple links in the navigation that will supply additional information on the product you're interested in.

When you complete your shopping, check out the price of the items you want at the "pricing and options" page.

Send us an e-mail to place your order and include the following information:

1) The item you are ordering.  For STRONG-STRUTS, be sure to specify (a) engine size. This is especially important if you have an S54 engine. Our accessory    installations kits are highly recommended for all installations. They give a professional finishing touch to the installed Strong-Strut. They are included with some models and optional with others and this is stated on the pricing page

2) Chrome plating is a special order item and adds $300 to the base price and requires 3 weeks to process. The rear Strong-Strut and Body Brace come in only one color textured black powder coat. Please specify your choice of powder coat finishes, either titanium silver metallic
or black textured powder coat, both the same price.

3)  At least one phone number

4)  Shipping address

Receipt of your order will be confirmed by return e-mail and further instructions and information will be given if necessary.  "wheel pins", may also be handy and can be shipped in the same box. Our paint kit may also be of interest to you.

There are two ways to remit:
(1) Send a cashiers check, money order, or personal check made out to Paul Ebeyer. We operate this little "cottage Industry" under our own name to keep things simple. Most regular mail reaches us within 3 days from anywhere in the country so the delay in minimal.

International customers remit through the Paypal system, our Merchant account at Paypal is A 3% processing fee will be added to all domestic Paypal remittances and 3.9% for international Paypal remittances.


                                                Mail checks to: Paul Ebeyer 9777 E. Granite Peak Trail Scottsdale, Arizona 85262


(2)  PayPal is available at  At PayPal, you can use any major credit card or even your checking account. PayPal will debit the account you provide them, and send the correct amount to the Strong-Strut merchants account. The transaction will show up on your monthly statement from the account you specified, just like any retailer entry, and there is no charge to you for this service. PayPal is a highly secure site and we have utilized their service for four years without a single problem or issue. Our Paypal Merchant account is our email address,       If you prefer, ask us to bill you through Paypal and the process becomes an easy "two click" operation on your end.

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