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E 39 and E 39 ///M 5  Strut Brace


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customer testimonials on e 39 Strong-Strut


Brad, Washington
Paul, I installed the Strong Strut in my 2002 BMW 540iT and OMG! All the creaks and clunks from the front end are gone! I have 160,000 miles on the car and I thought it wasn't going to make a big difference in the car but WOW I am impressed. Thank you for making such a rock solid product.



Paul D ~~ Oh my God Paul, the quality both in design and manufacture of this brace is absolutely stunning I am so very very very very pleased


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Paul , To follow-up,  the car handles so much better, as was expected.  Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the strut brace.  Although it dented my bank account a little bit more than the cheaper brand, it is day and night better than the Racing Dynamics unit that I tried with poor success.  I'd rather pay more for something than less for nothing, if that makes any sense.  Sincerely,

 Michael Roy

 You might want to review our web page at and see what products we have offered owners of other BMW models and what their opinion is. The Testimonial page is especially interesting to anyone considering the addition of a strut brace or for "non-believers."  "strut brace facts" is also very informative and will assist you in making an educated product decision.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our exclusive pivotless design has a threaded steel shaft 1/2 inch in diameter and is the strongest connecting hardware in the industry. (see pictures below)  Each tower ring starts life as a solid alloy billet and is CNC machined to shape. The cross bar is adjustable to accommodate the factory differences in vehicles. The rings are a full 3/8 inch thick and fully machined on the underside to fit the cleats on the shock tower dome. The cross bar is 2 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick. You will see nothing but superb quality in every detail of design and execution, yet it is trim, exceptionally strong and attractive to the eye.

Unlike competing models, we use no stamped parts, hinged type hardware, (pivoting joints) or castings, in the manufacture. Each unit is individually hand assembled and welded in a heavy steel fixture that replicates the E 39 chassis. It is available in your choice of Titanium Silver or Black Textured supreme powder coat.

Installation is a simple 20 minute "bolt on application" with common tools.


fits all e 39 models regardless of engine