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BMW e-38, 7 Series
   Strong-Strut , Strut Braces
     your only choice for an e38 strut brace.

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Paul Ebeyer, the owner

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The entire Strong-Strut is manufactured from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade alloy billets.  The tower plates are 3/8 inch thick and fully machined on the bottom side to match the ribs on the tower domes. The cross bar is 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches wide, tapered on the ends.  The cross bar has no vertical bends, it fits directly into the ring receiver blocks.  The arc of the cross bar is an exact match for the arc in the air circulation components attached to the underside of the hood and that is how we solved the clearance issues. It is not possible to route a cross bar straight from one shock tower to the other.  The shock tower rings begin life as a 6 x 6 x 3/8 inch plate and are fully CNC machined to their final shape.  Our method of attaching the cross bar to the rings is a pivotless design which is substantially superior to any of the competitive designs. All our welding is by an FAA certified welding engineer and is truly a work of art.

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To order, simply send us an email stating which model you have and include your shipping address and whether you will remit with a mailed check or by PayPal.
We recommend the optional accessory installation kit for a cosmetically attractive installation.


                                                                        Below: fully chromed version, special order




               black textured powder coat                                                                     


The illustrated strut brace below is the "Bavarian."  It was the only E38 strut brace available that we know of. It had a hollow aluminum cross bar that is bent forward on both ends in order to clear the under hood air circulation systems. The tower rings are 3/16 inch thick stamped steel. There are no machining operations involved in producing this product. The Cross bar attaches to the rings by means of a through bolt and cleats on the rings. There is no finish on the cross bar. Priced at approximately $250 + shipping, it was probably OK at that price but in our opinion, it did little to support the shock towers. This unit fits the 740i but not the 740iL models but no longer made.