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e-31 Eight series 840 and 850 Strut Brace

This is our Eight Series Strong-Strut, developed out of popular request from the 8 Series owners.  This example is a production model in Titanium Silver powder coat.  The E 31 Strong-Strut is a new approach to a  non pivoting design and a new breakthrough combining strength, medium weight and eye pleasing design.

We use no stamped parts, hinged type hardware (pivoting) or castings in the manufacture. All the components are CNC machined from solid 6061 T6 hardened alloy and individually hand assembled and welded in a heavy steel fixture that replicates the E 31chassis. It is available in  Black Textured supreme powder coat or titanium silver metallic powder coat that matches the OEM black & silver OEM finishes. Installation is a simple 20 minute exercise requiring no modifications to your car.

All our products come with a 100% "no hassle" satisfaction guarantee

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I posted the following on the RoadFly E31 Messageboard.
I know there have been many posts (I searched the archives) that discuss the advantages of installing a Strong Strut shock tower brace. Mine was installed yesterday and I just wanted to echo what a handling improvement it makes in the E31's.  The The quality is excellent, it is easy to install (although I had it professionally installed because I am mechanically challenged), it looks great, and several people asked me if it was "a BMW OEM option"; it is that good!  My cars are serviced by Curry's, in Chantilly, VA, and they see a lot of E31's. It seems that every time I leave my car with them they are either working on, or updating, at least one E31. Whenever I drop my car off or pick it up, the customers who are waiting in the service lounge comment on what a great looking car the E31's are. They ask me a lot of questions. Needless to say there is a lot of collector interest in the E31 and it seems to be increasing.

After leaving Curry's I took my 97 850Ci for a "spirited drive" to determine if installing a Strong Strut tower brace made any difference in the way the car handled. Almost immediately I could tell it did. The front end seemed tighter and firmer and there was a noticeable positive change in the way the car cornered and tracked.

I am very happy with my Strong Strut brace and most highly recommend that you consider installing one. BTW, I also had one installed on my 03 M5, although it too made a handling improvement, I think the E31 benefits the most.  JMHO.