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   e-30 BMW series, all models     

The E-30 series BMW shares the same rear suspension as the Z3 series and the application for our legendary "Butt -Strut"
is identical. The benefits the rear Strong-Strut provides are the same as those of the Z3. Even though your E30 may have a steel roof, the owners tell us there's a lot of chassis shaking going on in the back.  The E30 drivers came to us and requested we make the rear Strong-Strut available to them. You will find it makes a remarkable improvement in chassis rigidity and handling. The  "rear Strong-Strut"  bolts under the car to the mounting brackets that support the rear axle sub frame. Please click on the "rear Strong-Strut" link above for pictures and details.

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I would like to thank you for a great product!! Really, this accessory has transformed my E30 convertible. Not only does it take out the shake and shimming over RR tracks, but it goes  were I point it.. What I mean is, before, if the road was a bit damp it would seem to be driving on ice. I could easily get the back end to come around with just a little gas. Now, man oh man, this thing just works!!! I drove it out on a rainy day, and now it drives like it is suppose to. The car handles so much better!! I have also noticed that the doors close easier. It is wonderful to come by a product that delivers. Wish you guys would do a front strut for the E30, but in the meantime I will get an order for my E34 to you in the near future.

In closing anyone, anyone who owns a E30  NEEDS TO GET THIS!!!

Thanks, a loyal customer now,

John Galbraith