JUNE 5, 2020  CLOSE OUT PRICES, not much left but browse at what we do have below

Strong-strut is closing the doors and going out of business after 23 years, our choice, long enough!

shipping cost must be added to the items below,

You're already at our web site so you can see the products we have left, of special interest are the triple chrome plated e85 & e86 front Strong-Strut,  also fits the e46.


This is what we have left as of 6/5/20 it changes every day


Z4  e85 & e86  4 rear brace sets for the non M e85 & e86. We are working on them now to see if we can convert them to the

 M model because that is where the demand is. If you want to be on the wait list,  email us and we'll add your name to the

list. If you already have a 2.5 or 3.0 Z4 what we have now is a perfect fit.
 These were listed @ $350 but the close out price is now $100


E85/e86 one front strong-strut left in stock, black textured fits  all Z4 models  $225   original list $395


Z4 e89 series 2009 through 2013, 3.0 liter ONLY, 4  front strong-struts in stock, black textured powder coat, original list was

$395 closing out @ $95 this is nothing short of stealing them!


If anyone out there is interested in the  Aero Duct pattern I will sell it for $100 along with the first set I made by hand, unpainted, you have permission to copy them and retail at any price you wish. The Aero Ducrts are a very popular accessory for the Z3 because the original plastic ones disintegrate in about 6 months of driving, ours are alloy.


Large accessory kits $25 + $5 shipping


A set of wheel pins is free along with any order of $100 or more they were $25 for a set of two, just ask for them and they will be included with your order

Somehow, we ended up with a black e85 or e86 Z4 front cross bar with chrome rings  It will not fit the S 54 engine but will fit all the others. It is brand new,

 not a mark on it.
The black cross bar with the chrome rings  is absolutely stunning.  Close out price $200  at retail, this was $550


Along with our closing, we have thousands of pieces of hardware, nuts, bolt washers of all sizes that we will never use again. All of them are associated with our products but have a universal
use for any guy that is a tinkerer or likes to fix or create gismo’s. Many of these are various sizes of stainless steel in hex bolts along with the nylock nuts. We have washers of all sizes, flat and lock. We also have aluminum round spacers we used for the Z4 rear brace set. both ½ and ¼ “in thickness and 2 inches in diameter with a 12 mm hole in the center. some of the fasteners are metric and some SAE.

The big one is the custom-made stainless-steel nuts used to lock the Z3 rear Strong-Strut (butt strut) in place. These cost us $22 each to manufacture but we’ll include at least 4 of them in each box, more if you request them. Z3 butt strut owners may have a use for them, always nice to have replacement parts.

We have a big supply of the black plastic strut tower caps that cover that ugly donut hole in the strut towers some of them go in the hardware box as well.

We have stainless steel acorn nuts and ½ inch hex head bolts also stainless steel. Any and all of this hardware could be re-sold to BMW owners with any of the various models we ever made.
We can’t single out just a few pieces and ship them but we can sell you an assortment in  7 to 8 pound mixtures in a box.

If you have shopped hardware recently in the store you know you get very little for a lot of money. We will ship you a good assortment of 7 to 8 pounds, assorted, for a measly $20 + shipping.