JUNE 25, 2020  CLOSE OUT PRICES  shipping cost must be added to the items below,

If you need hardware in the future, contact  Joel at   mont656@gmail.com    this is the new source for all the Strong-Strut hardware and some braces.
Much of the hardware can also be handy and used for other purposes.



                                     This is what we have left, everything else is sold out

Z4  e85 & e86  2 rear brace sets for the non "M" models , we are working on them now to see if we can convert them to the M model because that is where the demand is. If you want to be on the
 "M" wait list,  email us and we'll add your name to the list. If you already have a 2.5 or 3.0 Z4 what we have now is a perfect fit. 
For price and availability, contact us at Strong-Strut.com

Front braces, Z4 e89 series 2009 through 2013, 3.0 liter ONLY. These have been acquired by the new owner Joel, please

contact him for pricing  and details  at   mont656@gmail.com