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We can chrome plate any of our front Strong-Struts for an additional $300 over the base price. This requires 3 to 4 weeks of processing.

Our chrome plating is a triple operation process. Following the necessary cleansing baths before and after polishing, the base material is first plated with copper, then nickel, and then chrome. This three step process is referred to as "restoration grade" plating. This is what you would specify if you were restoring a valuable, classic, antique vehicle.......the very best. The extent of the shine is so deep it almost appears blue in color.

The price of nickel has skyrocketed in the past 12 months. The Chinese are buying it up as fast as it can be mined and processed. In addition, these plating shops are subject to a long list of governmental regulations and inspections by both the State and Federal government. Installation of ventilation hoods and special equipment to handle and dispose of caustic chemicals and fumes, result in higher prices to the consumer. We make no additional profit on chrome plating, we charge what the shop charges us plus a $30 trip fee to the plating shop, that's 4 round trips to a shop that is 20 miles from our offices.

BTW, most lay people think that the chrome is the bright shiny part they see. However, what they see is the nickel plating on top of the highly polished base material and the copper plating. One of the secrets to get a good plating job is to polish the dickens out of the material. Liquid Chromium is a dark, reddish brown substance that looks like iodine, it has nothing to do with the shine, it's purpose is to prevent oxidation of the nickel which begins to take place the moment the part is removed from the nickel tank. The Chromium is applied immediately afterward.

Chrome plating is not for those on a limited budget but for real chrome lovers who don't mind investing the added expense, there's nothing quite like it.

chrome Strong-Strut on owner's 2007 ///M Roadster