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The fabulous Z4 & ///M Roadster & Coupe
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Important ordering information: If your order for the Z4 Strong-Strut brace includes the matching firewall braces, we need to know which of two attachment methods BMW has utilized on your vehicle. The hardware we send you will depend upon the specific attachment method on your vehicle.

Method 1) there will be a threaded stud sticking UP out of the chassis with the FW brace on it and a nut tightened down on top of the brace ends.
Method 2) There will be a hex head bolt that screws DOWN into the chassis on top of the brace ends, nothing sticking up.

Please don't confuse "bolt" with "nut" which is a common error with some folks. If this is not clear, send us a photograph of the attachment method you have and we will know what hardware to send you.

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The Alloy Competition-Lightweight  (CL) front Strong-Strut for the Z4. Just like our E36 "CL" it is machined on CNC equipment and made of  6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy that has been T-6 heat treated for strength. The "CL" weighs 4.5 pounds and comes standard  with the weight reducing and decorative drilled cross bar and your choice of two baked on powder coat finishes: black textured or titanium textured. Full chrome plating available on special order and waiting period.

The Strong-Strut "CL" will add considerable rigidity to the front of the car, improve steering response by maintaining proper suspension geometry while cornering, maintain structural integrity of your prized Z4 over the years, and last but not least, is absolutely stunning in appearance adding to the beauty of your sculpted Z4.

The factory installed strut to firewall braces  are poorly designed. The ends are flattened out to a thickness of 1/8 of an inch which provides almost no additional support or rigidity. It's the same old engineering fact but true, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and1/8 of an inch is weak indeed!  We understand from many of our customers the ends of the OEM braces are cracking from metal fatigue and the dealers are welding them back together. Our replacement firewall strut braces greatly improve the performance and appearance over the factory version. The strong-Strut components are available separately, firewall braces only, or as a complete set. See pricing link.

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                Alloy Strong-Strut in Titanium powder coat                titanium finish with matching firewall braces



         Alloy Strong-Strut in black textured powder coat                             Titanium silver metallic