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COMPETITION-LIGHTWEIGHT Strut Brace alloy Strong-Strut

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total weight = 4.25 pounds




The new alloy, Lightweight-Competition or "CL", is CNC machined from solid aircraft grade 6061 alloy,  heat treated to T-6 specifications for added strength.  The CL breaks new ground in the alloy strut field by utilizing our exclusive "Direct Block Pivotless Design." Extremely robust and immovable, this design features an extended cross bar that attaches directly to the tower ring block without the need for additional fittings. There are no "pivot points," "hollow tubes" or "stamped components" in the construction of the CL. In addition, we continue with our massive, proven, two inch wide and one half inch thick, machined alloy cross bar with weight saving, decorative, drilled holes. In strength and performance characteristics, the Strong-Strut  "CL"  is heads and shoulders above any
other strut brace out there and the accessory of choice for BMW owners reporting on the BMW forums.

The Competition-Lightweight Strong-Strut fits all Z3 & Z4 models and all E36 and E46 series BMWs. It is available in two, durable, baked on powder coat finishes, flat black or titanium. All "CL" models have the drilling in the cross bar. Available in full chrome plating, see price sheet. Optional accessory installation kits.  

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Bill...(CO)  blamkin86 on 2002-07-29 at 11:31:48

... I really like it. I think that Paul and Team have gone way beyond expectations, and created something that I'm quite proud to have under my hood.

I don't have any autocross feedback yet, because the thing was delivered to my doorstep while I was driving on Saturday. I am running the Divisional event in Topeka over the weekend, and will let everyone know what I think after that.


When I picked up the box off the front porch, I Thought, "maybe this isn't the strong strut, or if it is, maybe they forgot to put in in the box!" The dang thing is super super light. I didn't bother to weigh it, but let me tell you, it's impressively light.

The finish is really cool, looks high tech and is expertly machined. Design wise, as promised, there's no hinges to work loose or give way under stress -- it's really well engineered and built.

So, I started by putting the end pieces right on the shock towers... noticed I skipped the "read the directions first" part. I put on both end pieces, but the main bar didn't fit, so I had to undo the end pieces again, then it all went on in a snap.

I had no clearance issues of any kind ('02 MZ3), with either hood or engine cover.

HAD I bothered to read the instructions, I would have first seen how well written and complete they are. I think that Paul and team spent tons more time on their docs, than anything I've seen from Dinan or RD, or even the old Porsche stuff I used to buy.

The kit even included (get this) two soft pieces of clay, so I could test-fit everything before closing the hood. Sheesh, is that impressive or what.

Simply caring about Z3's is easy for all of us, and Paul's team clearly does. But, taking a plan and coming out with an outstanding product is a different thing entirely.

This is a big hit for the Strong-Strut group. I recommend it highly.

I'll give real autocross feedback when I return next week. For now, the inside tire seems to squeal less at the limit on the street, which is a really good sign. I'm not sure how to describe the feel, other than, the front simply feels like it's working as one piece now, instead of sorta all over the place.

Anyway, if you believe you want or need a strut bar, forget the other products out there. They're heavier, not as well designed, and not nearly as cool looking.

Great Job, Paul et al!

Tommy. Z3 Coupe..Just got mine in and installed Monday and wanted to share some thoughts about it after taking the car for a spin last night.

With all the talk that sometimes goes on around Strut braces, I thought Id share my thoughts on the one I just got. I spent a lot of time talking to independent mechanics, reading threads, and looking at websites.


I had a GTI VR6 that I had done a full suspension mod before (springs, shocks, tie, sways) all at the same time so it was difficult to tell what did what. With the Coupe, the CL Bar was the last to go on so I got a really good feeling for its impact on the car.

Note: I bought the strut brace to take stress off the front welds of the coupe near the strut towers as a prophylactic (sp?) measure for later on down the road as I drive the car really hard. The suspension setup I have makes the car literally a go cart and I love to feel the G's any safe chance I get....  I also got it to see if it would make the steering crisper, more "pointable" and solid feeling when cornering/slaloming Many people think that strut bars decrease roll. Stiff spring and shock rates decrease and can eliminate body roll commonly found in the stock suspension setup.

About the hardware and instructions: Fully met expectations. Very nicely welded and structured piece. Very very light at 4lbs. Powder coat was perfect. Install was easy. Buying was effortless though paypal and the owner, Paul, did a very nice job keeping me in the loop on shipping dates. Thumbs up to customer service 

Driving results: Coupe is really stiff with my suspension. I noticed a difference immediately upon driving. I have to drive out of my driveway sideways because of a gutter. Car"s nose felt tighter as I went slowly over it - less movement. Quick turns...nose and steering felt tighter again...a noticeably more solid feeling and the car was more "pointable" - the best way I can describe it. So from a subjective standpoint, the strut bar made a very noticeable difference in the front end

I imagine the results could be more pronounced on Roadsters based on less overall structural rigidity, but this is just supposition.

For pics and info go here:
under New Alloy Strut

Hope this helps and gives board members some added info that would be useful. This was my intent. This is a great board and Ive been really appreciative of others writeups. So this is my contribution back to the group!