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  STRONG-STRUT alloy model Strut Brace (CL)


        Titanium powder coat



Last update Dec 31, 2003

We have changed the design of the steel Strong-Strut and have named it the "Evolution" model. Up until now, we used the machined stainless steel connectors to attach the cross bar to the rings. When we introduced the design, we called it "Pivotless."  We have decided to model the new steel Strong-Strut after the current alloy, Competition-Lightweight (CL), pivotless design and we're calling it the "Evolution." In so doing, we double the metal mass in the critical area of the connection to the rings and also increase surface bearing area. In addition, this provides room for two 3/8 inch capscrews rather than one 3/8 and one 1/4 inch capscrew in each end of the crossbar. The ability to adjust the cross bar slightly to accommodate variations in vehicles is still a feature.

We constantly strive to improve our product and keep it the best product of its type available in the marketplace, this we feel is another step in that direction.

The new design will comes standard with a plain, undrilled cross bar along with the option for six machined holes, three in each end, as we offered on the outgoing steel model. Steel units with 11 drilled holes in the crossbar, similar to the "CL" will not be available but will remain standard on the "CL."