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The new Body Brace is now  available for all Z3 models including  those with the S54 engine.  The Body-Brace by Strong-Strut, is the only bracing product that addresses longitudinal flex of the Z3 chassis and the improvement in rigidity is very dramatic. Any road surface that otherwise would cause flex (bending) in the center section of the body structure is eliminated. "Thrilling" is the only word to describe the results. Retail list price is $450 +  S&H. Please see ordering instructions at this link  and email your order to

Please be advised that installation of the Body-Brace may reduce the ground clearance of your vehicle  from 1/4 to 1/2  inch. If you have aftermarket suspension products that have lowered your car already,  the addition of the Body-Brace may cause you to bottom out on some speed bumps, rolled curbs or other similar  obstructions.  On the other hand, stiffer springs and shock settings may prevent bottoming out due to the shorter suspension travel of these products. The Installation instructions clearly define the optimal installation and extra spacers are provided to obtain the greatest ground clearance in your vehicle. In some cases, this may not be sufficient to prevent bottoming out under certain conditions. The test vehicle is a 2000 ///M Roadster with a Dinan Stage III suspension kit and  is 1/2 inch lower than non ///M Models.  In approximately 20,000 miles of road testing under varied conditions, there have been no ground clearance issues on the test car.

Since there are innumerable after market suspension products, and product combinations, that reduce ground clearance, along with wheel and tire combinations that may also reduce ground clearance, and since the Strong-Strut team cannot be aware of, or control any of these options on a given customers vehicle,   please be advised  the satisfaction guarantee does not include issues related to ground clearance and/or " bottoming out", so be sure you have considered this before placing your order. 

ADDRESSING THE ISSUE OF "CRUMPLE ZONE"   the front of the runners begin at about where the steering wheel is located. The entire front of the car including engine, trans and firewall would have to compress before reaching the front of the runners. If anything, the runners offer additional support to the passenger compartment that would resist crumpling of that important section. If a car impacted enough to crush the front all the way back to the steering wheel, nobody could survive that anyway. We witnessed a 98 ///M Roadster crashing head first into a mountain face at 55 mph . The front of the car compressed about 1/3 of its length or about 3 feet forward of where the front of the body brace runners attach. the driver walked away uninjured. This was 6 years ago, before body braces. Bottom line, we feel the runners would add to passenger safety but we have no engineering data to support that. It is interesting to note that BMW places the heavy box members under the passenger compartment in exactly the same place we locate the body brace runners which run parallel to, and against the box members. This can be seen in the various pictures below.

All Strong-Strut products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no hassles, no restocking, no fees !  (note exception above relating to ground clearance issues)

Body-Brace installation is a simple bolt on application with one bolt front and rear. The front utilizes the OEM bolt for the factory "X" brace (we supply a longer bolt) and the rear bolts to the rear Strong-Strut which is required for installation.  Purchasers who need both, will be extended a $25 discount on the rear Strong-Strut. If your rear Strong-Strut is already installed, installation time is about 40 minutes. rear Strong-Strut installation adds another 30 minutes. No special tools needed but a torque wrench, which can be rented for a few dollars, it recommended. Installed weight of the Body-Brace is 24 pounds.

The vehicle pictured below is our own 2000 ///M Roadster it has both the old and new version of the Body-Brace's installed. The older version can be seen in oxide red paint with a shackle fixture bolting it to the OEM "X" brace

Body-Brace installed on 2000 ///M Roadster



front section of Body-Brace runner              S54 engine Z3  plastic cladding remains in place except for small clip out              




Body-Brace by Strong-Strut is the newest Z3 accessory designed to reduce or eliminate the sheet metal flexing that most Z3 owners complain about. Prior to introduction of the Body-Brace, our legendary steel or alloy front strut brace and the exclusive rear brace, the rear Strong-Strut, addressed the majority of the "flexing complaints." However, there still remained a substantial amount of flex, or "looseness" as described by the owners, in the center section of the car. It is interesting that most of the owners characterize the issue by stating the car feels like it is in three sections, front, middle and rear and when driving over uneven surfaces, the three sections seem to move independently of one another producing an unpleasant "jiggling" sensation.

Our Body-Brace addresses this issue and when used in combination with our other body bracing products,  results in a remarkable improvement in the rigidity of the car.  A rear Strong-Strut is required for installation of the Body-Brace in order to secure the Body-Brace supports to the rear of the vehicle. The front of the supports bolt to existing body parts. Use of a front Strong-Strut is not required for Body-Brace installation but if present, the three units acting together provide outstanding results.

The new Body-Brace by Strong-Strut consists of two parallel, heavy gauge steel supports, that span the entire under section of the passenger compartment. The supports provide the required resistance to add considerable rigidity and greatly improve on the every day driving experience. Handling is substantially sharper as a result of the additional support and the uneven roads or rough RR crossings that formerly made you wince, will be a non issue following Body-Brace installation.


from front looking toward rear (below)
see where front of Body Brace runners bolt under OEM "X" brace

from rear looking toward front (below)


     assembly of body brace to butt strut (below)             



from rear looking forward (below)



attachment of front of body brace to OEM "X" brace (below)