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Since BMW's have lug BOLTS instead of lug NUTS, when the bolts are removed there is nothing to hold the wheel against the hub and it simply drops  ~~~~~~ this is not very user friendly and you have to be ready to hold the wheel and support the weight when the bolts are removed. Sometimes the wheel can drop and scratch itself against
the exposed wheel hub. In any case, it is not a user friendly operation.  The Wheelpins by Strong-Strut solves this problem.

Simply remove two of the lug bolts and then screw in a Wheelpin in each location, then remove the remaining lug bolts. The Wheelpins support the weight of the wheel and then you simply pull the wheel toward you and it slides off the end of the Wheelpins. Reverse the procedure for mounting the wheel by sliding two holes in the wheel on to the Wheelpins and push the wheel against the hub. insert two lug bolts to hold the wheel on and then remove the Wheelpins and install the remaining lug bolts. The photo shows a hole drilled in the end of the tool but we eliminated that as being unnecessary.