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PAINT KITS matching factory colors in convenient spray can


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The paint kit can be used to paint many portions of your car.   Please note this product is not intended to paint the STRONG-STRUT. However, it's a good way of getting one in your car color. Just order the all black "Cosmos" STRONG-STRUT and paint it yourself. However, the lacquer finish will not be as durable as the powder coat.

These paint products are "plastic friendly" so you may use them to paint trim pieces, or touch ups. A "flex agent" is not necessary  with lacquer paint. This Z3 has black stone guards on the rear quarter panels but they have been painted body color with our paint kit.
Notice how the guards disappear from sight.

This is official factory-matching paint. This product is available only in kit form but extra cans are available with a kit.

Each kit will contain the following:

One 12 ounce spray can of your computer matched color with "fan" spray head.

One 12 ounce spray can of lacquer compatible, platinum primer.

One 12 ounce spray can of clear coat.

One medium grade 3M sanding pad. Instructions, tips, painting suggestions.

Delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Due to Postal Regulations, no air travel permitted.

Be sure to include your car's paint code, which can be found on the drivers side shock tower dome. It will be a number like 405 / 3 (Imola Red) also include the model year.

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