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The Strong-Jack is a solid stainless steel tool that simplifies raising the car, whether at one corner only or completely off the floor at all 4 corners. BMW provides 4 square rubber or plastic pads under the rocker panel for your convenience when lifting the car with a floor jack. However, since the head of the floor jack occupies the pad, there is no place to position a standard, commercial jack stand once elevated. Many BMW's, including, but not limited to , the e31 and e 36 models, have 4 receivers in the rocker panel for insertion of the factory jack.

To use the Strong-Jack, insert the tool into the rocker panel receiver and raise the car with your floor jack under the head of the Strong-Jack tool. This leaves the jack stand pad available for placement of your jack stand. See picture below.

This item is solid stainless steel which is expensive base material. We selected it because of it's strength and bend resistance. There are a couple similar products out there made of carbon steel and BMW 8 Series owners tell us the shaft bends which makes them useless. They sell for less but they don't work ! 

Price: one strong-jack  $60.00 each
           two                         55.00 each
           four                        50.00 each
+ S&H&I