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          STRONG-STRUT accessory installation kits


The large kit is for the ///M version only and will NOT fit other models. It contains two black plastic caps that fit over the open holes in the tower domes along with 6 stainless steel washers and acorn nuts in the proper metric thread. These replace the ugly (OEM) stud nuts and are a perfect match for the other stainless hardware on the STRONG-STRUT. The ///M kit includes the plastic caps and is $25.00 + $8.00 shipping in the Continental U.S. The small kit will fit any Z3 model and is the same except no plastic caps. Price is $15.00  + $8.00 shipped in the Continental U.S.. This kit will work with all brands of strut braces that have an uncovered tower ring. Below are pictures of an installed Strong-Strut with and without the black plastic tower ring caps. You can see how the caps really enhance the installed appearance of the Strong-Strut.

                        large kit installed                                                                         without kit



                                large kit                                                                small kit